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Event Topic Film Festival And Entertainment Thunder - 2019
Date & Day 30th March, 2019


Film Festival And Entertainment Thunder - 2019

One of the best fest organized by IMS University Courses Campus- FFET 2019 is looked forward to by the entirety of the student body. FFET is always on high spirit and infused with energy, and this year too it was no different. Packed with engaging competitions, electrifying music and amazing experiences, FFET 2019 proved to be the ultimate fiesta for the students as well as for the audience.

IMS University Courses Campus organized Film Festival & Entertainment Thunder 2019 on 30th March 2019, Saturday. Mr. Rakesh Chharia (General Secretary IMS, UCC), Dr. Sapna Rakesh (Director IMS UCC) and other dignitaries from film and television like Mr. Saurabh Singhal, Mr. Sahib Bedi, Miss Neha Yadav and Miss Ayushi Raghuvanshi inaugurated FFET 2019. FFET 2019 started with Saraswati Vandana and cultural programmes presented by the students. The first event began with the screening of Very Short Films (5-7 minutes) & Short Films (15 minutes). The winner received a cash prize of Rs.11,000 each for both the competitions.

Then we began with our second event which was Acting Competition. In this event students from different colleges of Delhi/NCR showcased their unique talent and excellent acting skills. The winner received a cash prize of Rs.3000. Being funny in a world full of nonchalance and dissatisfaction isn't easy. With this theme the Stand-Up Comedy competition started with full vigour and enthusiasm. Participants made the audience laugh with their witty sense of humour. The two-minute duration of each performance had everyone in stitches, laughing so hard that they almost started crying. The winner received the cash prize of Rs.2000.

Another event which was a super hit among the audience was Rapping Competition. This competition provided a platform to all those budding rapping artists who wanted to expose themselves to the world. The winner received a cash prize of Rs. 2000. Other events such as Photography Competition, Tik-Tok Competition and Selfie Competition became a major attraction among the students. We received more than 300+ participation from Delhi-NCR in all the events.

The Film Festival & Entertainment Thunder 2019 was hugely successful with great number of participation in all the events. Cultural fest plays a predominant role in a student's life and enables them to etch a significant place for themselves in the academic calendar. A college festival is not just about fun but that it also augments a student's learning experience. The networking ability of students also get shaped during involvement in fests. Cultural fests give a lot of social benefits the biggest being inter-college interaction. Students get a chance to medley with people from different walks of life. Continuous involvement in more than one activity reflects skills and abilities of the student. Students learn to prioritize and time management too. These academically and co-circularly talented students have an outstanding personality, which helps them to forge ahead in their career.