Guest Lectures


Event Topic Vaktavya- Debate Competition
Category OTHERS
Date & Day 12th April, 2019

At IMS Ghaziabad university courses campus students are groomed to be leaders not only through professional excellence rather holding the value of integrity, tolerance& mutual respect, that can lead the world and raise their voice when they saw something wrong. With a strong sense and purpose to cultivate the leadership styles amongst the student management department at IMS Ghaziabad University courses campus organized Vaktavya- debate competition, in order to celebrate the birth anniversary of the man behind social reform- Dr. BR Ambedkar. The objective of this event is to provide a platform for the future of our nation to discuss and present their views on the topic. Mocs Ms. Rishika Vatsal & Mr. Rishabh Singh started the event by reading out the preamble with a welcome address by Dr. Sapna Rakesh (Director, IMS Ghaziabad University Courses Campus). Ma?am captivated the mind of for budding leaders who are striving to become a disruptive force and contribute to the development of the people and society by quoting ?-?to be a successful leader in future you need to be a decision-maker as decision plays a very crucial role in the successful execution of plans?. For being a successful leader in the future you need to be a decision-maker as there comes a situation in your life when you are at the peak of struggle and at that point you need to decide whether you need to move future or to make a U-turn. The main point of her speech entailed: The struggle of Dr. B.R Ambedkar Decision making as an important factor The relevance of making a decision Quality of leaders Through rigorous brainstorming of the members two topics were decided for the competition. The topic was: Reservation system- boon or bane Does our constitution need change? More than 25 participants from each department participated in this event and present their viewpoints on the given topic. The students were judged based on their content, body language & overall presentation. The winners of the event entailed: Topic 1: Reservation system- boon or bane For the motion: Sameer Hussain Against the motion: Ashmit Singh Topic 2: Does our constitution need change? For the motion: Devansh Gill Against the motion: Shivi Singh Prof. Yagbala Kapil proposed a vote of thanks wherein she thanked director ma?am Dr. Sapna Rakesh for providing us the opportunity, faculty members, student coordinators, EWL team, Staff members and IT team for making the event successful. The event ends with certificate distribution for every participant.