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Guest Lectures


Event Topic Lok Sabha Television(LSTV) in New Delh
Date & Day 21st April, 2019

IMS Ghaziabad (University Courses Campus) organized a visit for the students of BJMC first year to Lok Sabha Television(LSTV) in New Delhi. The purpose of the visit was to enlighten the students of IMS about the working of a news channel and its production techniques. LSTV is the first parliamentary channel of India. It is dedicated to the Lower House of the Parliament. Owned and operated by Lok Sabha Secretariat, LSTV has the mandate to telecast uninterrupted live proceedings of the Lok Sabha. The students participated in the show "Aaj ka Bharat" which will broadcast on 21st April, 2019, Sunday at 10:00 pm. The students also visited the Parliament Museum. The Parliament Museum in New Delhi is an interactive story-telling museum on Democratic Heritage in India, spanning 2500 years of Indian history of democracy.