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Event Topic Fashion Icon of IMS 2020
Category Event
Date & Day 5th May, 2019

A Fashion icon refers to a person who highly follows trends and is fashionable. The Fashion Icon of IMS, an event that was arranged virtually through social media platforms on May 5th 2020. The social Venue has priory been exquisite for everyone out there reading this. To brag more on this, Team Cultural Club Came with this idea of laying students of IMS into the outline of Fashion. So here Team Cultural club of IMS Ghaziabad coordinated an iconic phenomenon of Dazzling divas and handsome hunks which has been remarkable. 'FASHION ICON OF IMS' To keep it simple and steady, the rule said, the extensively liked images win this contest followed by other runner ups. It became quite difficult for the judges to decide because of several controversies around there. People used unfair techniques to win but the judges kept it fair and eliminated the unfair.