Every Independence Day, patriotism is in the air as Indians remember and honor the sacrifice of hundreds of freedom fighters. No less felt this year. We cannot forget the efforts and sacrifices of our soldiers who stay away from their homes, families so that we could live in our homes safely. IMS Ghaziabad University Courses Campus?s Journalism and Mass Communication Department celebrated the nation's 73rd Independence Day and presents a musical tribute to relive those memories and instill the feeling of patriotism and delight. "SAARE JAHAAN SE ACHA...HINDUSTAN HUMARA." Presenting a musical program on this Independence Day by singer Ritwik Das and guitarist Prakhar Patel with our beautiful anchor Meera Rajput. The theme of this show is based on " INDIAN MUSIC AND PATRIOTISM". In the struggle for freedom not only the sacrifices and speeches played a vital role but music also had the greatest impact at that time to motivate people towards independence. This day teaches us about the power of unity among Indians and how it can strengthen our nation.