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Guest Lectures


Date & Day 31st July, 2019



"Coming Together is a Beginning; Keeping together is Progress; Working together is Success!!!"

As we keep moving forward, opening new doors and doing new things because we're curious & curiosity keeps leading us down to new paths, similarly UPAKRAMA 2019 (MIB orientation program) was not just another day but it was a new opportunity, another chance and a new beginning which the new MIB entrants of IMS family embraced it. The programme witnessed the presence of Dr. Rakesh Mohan Joshi (Dean-Research, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade) and Mr. Anant Garg (Director @ as Guest of Honour. All the dignitaries inaugurated the program by seeking the blessings of mother Saraswati followed by the welcome address by Dr. Sapna Rakesh (Director IMS, Ghaziabad University Courses Campus).

Ma'am firstly expressed her gratitude to both the guests for taking out their valuable time to mark their presence in the event and welcomed the 3rd Batch of MIB with full zeal & passion. Ma'am shared her thoughts about this journey of restarting & redesigning the MIB program in 2017. She reflected that this is a twin program that along with University Course Structure also offers students a post-graduation diploma (Choice specific Specialization entailing Marketing, Finance, IT & Operations & HRM) so as to interface with academicians and captains of industry. Ma'am also briefed about the overseas / multinational internship opportunities that students tap in during their 2 years stay in IMS, which in turn had facilitated students in grabbing Pre-placements offers in National as well as international spectrum. She focused on the relevance of exploring our own potential & extending our horizons so that we can also contribute towards the society and help in development of the nation.

Dr. Rakesh Mohan Joshi (Dean-Research, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade), captivated the young minds and disseminated the message there exists no correlation between the academic performance of the student with placement package a student gets after completion of the programme. He beautiful quoted the secrets of success from Bhagwat Geeta wherein he emphasized to focus on the objectives, various options / alternatives available, differential strategies and the person who needs to execute the same. He about clarity in the mindset of the students that why a student should pursue his higher education from India rather than overseas by citing examples of various successful Indian entrepreneurs, who made an impact in the industry and are great visionaries to learn lessons from. Sir, also touch based on the concepts of Globalization and Deglobalisation in this address and stated examples of Donald Trump and told how US is becoming in-competitive in terms of manufacturing products & other trade aspects. He cited that the Indian strategy to be "Swadeshi" is very successful at International platform and is really adsorbed by Britain, France & various other countries across the globe. Sir, also emphasized in the present era, to sustain in International markets we need study in-depth the bigger & holistic perspective & should focus on differential marketing, no trade barriers and in maintain competitive edge thereof. He narrated with an example that how well the textile industry of Bangladesh is performing and the key element is sustaining the business is to "Change". He channelized the youth by spreading the message to focus on durability of jobs, to build their pace with the changing social infrastructure, to learn the skills to be competitive and to search for an identity. Lastly, he summed up his talk, by laying emphasis on the student -professor bond which needs to be nurtured by learning & striving for goals together so that the student walks ahead of his/her gurus in life.

The new entrants gained valuable insights Mr. Anant Garg (Director @, who firmly believes in the concept of being 'aspirational' and building the next level thinking; though it is not the end but the beginning & achieving new milestones & horizons. In this context, he quoted that "Don't Stop Learning, if you stop, you Become Obsolete". He expressed that the initial years of corporate, is phase to learn new things which in the latter phase defines the student's growth. He cited that the mantra for learning new concepts is "Questioning" things & challenging the circumstances specifically in early stages of life. Sir, also stressed that before starting the carrier the students should first learn the art of selling and understand the pale points of the same, as understanding customers is the key ingredient for marketing. He emphasized on the outbound learning through Case studies, live projects and firmly stated & believed that academic results cannot equated. He summed up his entire talk by the saying - Commit Mistakes, Learn and Experiment Again.

Lastly, the guests were felicitated with a memento as a token of gratitude and the programme ended with the vote of thanks proposed by Prof. Komal Kapoor, wherein she extended her heartful gratitude to all the dignitaries for gracing the occasion, faculty members for working 24*7 for the event, the CRC, Admin, Admission & the EWL team for making the event a grand success. The session ends with the pursuit of holistic development of future performers and creating well rounded value-based individuals.

"The Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their Dreams"