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Event Topic 'Makeover Classes' @ ELSC
Category ELSC
Date & Day 29th August, 2019


'Makeover Classes' @ ELSC

Institute of Management Studies, University Courses Campus continued with its learning modules on various activities to outshine the talent and potential among the students of its campus.

One such great and recent session namely 'Makeover Classes' was recently launched by the 'Enrichment and life skill cell' and was successfully executed imparting knowledge and awareness among the students and igniting their participating determination come alive. The session was actually conducted under the presence of Delhi based professional makeup artist, Ms. Yashika Jain.

In fact, the participation of students was at a peak with an overwhelming response and the room was filled with the aura of great dedication and avidity. The session proceeded as Ms. Yashika Jain finally revealed her secret for flawless and glowing skin. Her mantra was just three letters combined which were 'CTH', where the letter 'C' stood for defining the use of a cleanser, the letter 'T' denoted applying toner and the letter 'H' explained the application of a moisturizer.

The most interesting part of the session was 'hands-on session' for which the students waited eagerly with loads of excitement. Here, the students were given a chance to practice makeover with actual cosmetic items. Fun and excitement among the students marked the successful and happier outcomes and gave this session a worthy thumbs-up.