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Event Topic CLUB ELECTIONS - 2019
Category OTHERS
Date & Day 2nd September, 2019



"To win an election, it is important to win people first"

IMS Ghaziabad (University Courses Campus) organized Club Elections on 2nd September 2019 in the coordination of Prof. Dhruv Sharma , Prof. Sandhya Sharma , Prof. Akansha Jain and Prof. Gopal . The chief motive of the election was to select candidates for the post - President, Vice-president and Secretary in various clubs at IMS University Campus Course. There are a total number of 20 clubs. Establishing an interest of majority in the election in which aggregate number of students applied for nomination was 148 and nominees made a plea for votes through mail. For performing the voting process Ballot Papers were used, denoting an ultimate view of election for students. Student clubs benefits our institute by organizing the club activities with their thought process and with uniqueness. Student club members are leaders and they are held to a high standard. They also learn additional leadership skills and have fun too. After the election, students fulfill their responsibility by attending the weekly student clubs meeting; fulfill their contracts, commitments and obligations that they have signed. They also have to sign a social media contract and represent their club well in and out of institution.

If the elected students do not fulfill their commitments, they will be removed from office and student clubs. They must do what they have been elected to do. Concluding the selection of students who voted for nominees, announcement of results will be made on 09th September 2019. The Club Elections were conducted successfully with great voter turnout of 48%.At the end, the second election of IMS Ghaziabad held in a well-regulated manner cooperated by all the students and coordinators.