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Event Topic Industrial Visit to PARLE
Date & Day 7th September, 2019


Industrial Visit to PARLE

Parle product private limited is an Indian food product company. It owns the famous biscuit brand PARLE-G. In 1929 a small company by the name of PARLE product emerged in British dominated India. Parle was founded in 1929 (Mumbai) by the Shri Mohan Dayal and The Chauhan Family.

IMS UC Campus organizes industry visit to Parle,Bhadurgarh Plant on7th September 2019 for MIB Batch 2019-21. During visit students saw working mechanism from raw material to packaging. Students also witnessed huge ovens and channels through with the products passes. Temperature was very high inside the entire plant. There was great smell inside the packaging and production department which is harmful to our hair and skin.

After reaching Company's Auditorium students saw the video, in which they were explaining about the history of Parle and the product as well. students were also saw the method of preparation of biscuit and candies, some advertisements of different products and a story stories based on Parle. They gave some messages about the betterment to our career like "IF YOU WANT TO GET RECOGNITION, HARDWORK IS NECESSARY". The visit ended with the formal vote of thanks. Overall it was great learning experience for everyone.

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