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Event Topic Pride ki Side
Category OTHERS
Date & Day 9th September, 2019


Pride ki Side

IMS Ghaziabad University Courses Campus organized a workshop "Pride Ki Side" on the topic Section 377 LGBT by Naaz Foundation in association with Red FM on 09/09/2019 at IMS UC Auditorium. Director of IMS UC Campus Dr. Sapna Rakesh welcome the guests of the day RJ Rocky and Ms. Kiran and Mr. Sarabjeet with the sapling as a token of gratitude .On 9th September, 2019,A seminar was held by 93.5 Red FM team along with Naz Foundation team in IMS University Courses Campus to conduct an awareness program called Pride Ki Side ,"Mr. RJ ROCKY" introduced students with this program which focused on the awareness for LGBTQ community, which stands for Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgenders And Queers/Questions, this community was granted legal rights in India on 6th September, 2018, as The honorable Supreme Court de-criminalized Section 377 from the Indian Constitution.

Hence, being legal, still the masses live with the stereotypical image of LGBTQ community, and consider talking about them or to them a Taboo. This awareness program focused on normalizing their image to the masses as humans that they are, answering queries relating to them and the situations we may face as citizens to help them and educate other people about how we all are similar, but just have different likes and dislikes.

To help the students with real life experiences, Ms. Kiran from Naz Foundation was also present there, she herself is a transgender woman, and helped all by answering the questions and queries the students had and by sharing her real life experiences she had being a transgender woman in India. To help the students understand the concept better and answer their queries, Mr. Sarbjeet who is a counselor at Naz Foundation was also present there and helped the students along with Kiran.

To promote and host the program officially from 93.5 Red FM's side, RJ Rocky was also present there who addressed the students and gave an introduction to the topic and encouraged and inspired the students to follow the slogan that Red FM came up with to promote the awareness program called "Pride Ki Side" translating to "We're with Pride"

The awareness program in general tried to make the topic of LGBTQ community normal to the masses and focused that the masses as citizens should believe in acceptance to how other people are rather then considering them different from themselves and hence create communal borders that still exist in our society.