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Event Topic Panel Discussion On Section-377
Category OTHERS
Date & Day 19th September, 2019

The panel discussion was organized to discuss a very sensitive topic ?Section- 377 legal acceptance vs. social acceptance by IMS Ghaziabad University Courses campus to aware the students about section 377. The session began with the introduction of panelist The objective of this program to develop an insight into the minds of students about the legal acceptance Vs. Social Acceptance and the problem faced by the community. The panel consists of: Ms. Yagbala Kapil (Assistant professor, IMS Ghaziabad University Courses campus Mr. Devansh Gill (student, IMS Ghaziabad University courses campus) Mr. Anuvrat Verma (Student, IMS Ghaziabad University courses campus) Ms. Rishika Vatsal (Student, IMS Ghaziabad University courses campus) The discussion was initiated by Ms. Yagbala Kapil, moderator of the session. She initiated the conversation by quoting ? ?Fight about section 377 is about dignity? wherein she explained that everyone in this society be it men, women or our third gender have the right to freedom. It?s one?s decision whom to love and from whom to get married. The first point that she asked the panelist was does society accepts this law this and answering his question Devansh Gill said Although the legal battle has been won, the social recognition of an individual?s right to privacy when it comes to their sexuality continues to remain a challenge. ?Legal? does not easily translate into social acceptance. Mr. Anuvrat further added that Indian society can accept the existence of ghosts but cannot accept this law. The second point discussed why it takes so time to accept this law? Isn?t it against humanity and addressing the question Ms. Rishika Vatsal said- ?she knew various people who belong to the LGBTQ community? and Supports them. She further added that this is totally against humanity as it?s a person's personal choice whom to marry and whom to love. Her answer centralized on the fact entailed: Individual own opinion whom to love Support them Accept them as they are The last question asked by the moderator how to deal with this situation. In her response, Mr. Anuvrat said its high time when we need to aware of the society about the same. He future added it?s the responsibility of the youth to encourage their parents and tell them that homosexuality is not a disease that can be cured. It?s the third gender of our society and they have to accept it . The students asked various questions from each panelist. The session ended with great zeal and enthusiasm among the students. MOC Ashutosh and Shivi Singh propose a gratitude note to the panelist