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Event Topic Panel Discussion on "Role of HR in Digital Era"
Category OTHERS
Date & Day 5th October, 2019


Panel Discussion on "Role of HR in Digital Era"

"Learn everything you can, anytime you can and from anyone you can-there will always come a time when you will be grateful you did"
IMS Ghaziabad (University Courses Campus) organised a Panel Discussion on "Role of HR in Digital Era" for HR Specialisation students of BBA(2018-21) Batch on October 5, 2019.The session began with the introduction of panelist and felicitating them with sapling and memento as a token of grace by Dr.Geeti Sharma, Chairperson BBA Program.The objective of this program is to develop an insight on HR's role in this digital era that helps the students imbibe a thorough knowledge on how HR has undergone dynamic shifts in its roles, functions and overall impact in shaping organisations. The experts from different domain of HR enlightened the students with their area expertise. The panel discussion was organised to clear the doubts in the millennials mind on the role of HR in planning and driving strategic growth in this digital era.The Panel consist of following experts from different domains:

Mr. Rakesh Seth, Director, International Consulting Professional Institute.
Mr. Subham Tripathi ,Head T.A Genpact
Ms.Ankita Singh, Sr.Associate, Learning & Development, Publicis Sapient

The discussion was initiated by Prof.Yagbala Kapil, Moderator of the session. She highlighted that HR needs to be a function that takes the lead in understanding what makes people engaged, what cultures drive the most productive workplaces and what equations enables a true merging of human capability with technology. The first point that she asked the panelist was that digital era needs digital mindset so how to make employees adaptable with new-age, experiential technology-based learning. The second point discussed was how latest innovations and ICT tools are playing an enabling role for HR professionals. Each panelist discussed on that HR executives nowadays are planning investments in areas such as predictive analytics, enhanced process automation and artificial intelligence (AI).The last point discussed by each panelist was on how to bridge the gap between the digital and human and develop strategies to achieve a balance for the future of work. Each panelist agreed that the most effective ways to brave this digital transformation is by hiring skilled employees and also upskilling them with time so that they are able to work in a digitally challenging environment.

The students asked various questions from each panelist. The session ended with great zeal among the students and on a gratitude note to all the panelist by Dr.Shilpi Sarna, Head HR Specialisation.