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Event Topic Cricket and Badminton Tournament
Category OTHERS
Date & Day 7th October, 2019


Cricket and Badminton Tournament

Sportsmanship is the true quality of resilience, it is required in every discipline. Its scope is not restricted to the sports only, it is boundless. The sportsmanship is required in business too so with the motive of inculcating this crucial quality, the MIB department of IMSUC Ghaziabad organized cricket and badminton tournament. The tournament was between the sophomore batch and freshmen batch of MIB.

The day started with zest and zeal as all the students gathered in the ground for the commencement of the tournament. The junior team and the senior team came in the ground and their captains came forward for the toss. The first year team won the toss by choosing heads and chose to bat first. The match was of 12 overs. First year team displayed an exemplary performance by scoring 96 runs all students in the field were full of energy and were cheering the first year team for giving a great score to chase. After that the second year tem was on the pitch to bat. They played very well and scored 62 runs. The first year team bagged the trophy after winning the match by 35 runs, it was an incredible win by the first year. The junior team was awarded trophy by Dr. Sapna Rakesh, Director, IMSUC Ghaziabad. Both the teams congratulated each other for the enthralling match.

After that the individual tournament junior and senior girls playing the badminton. It is organized in the campus area. In this badminton game there 3 round to conducted by the seniors. In first round 2 girl to be playing and there 4 team to played. After that 4 round to played each team have 1 winner. Than the semi-final game playing 4 winners and 2 winner go in the final round and we got the final winner of badminton tournament. The final winner Will be awarded by Dr. Sapna Rakesh, Director, IMSUC Ghaziabad. And all the player congratulated each other for the enthralling match

Learning Outcome:

It was a great initiative taken by the sports committee, to inculcate the sense of cohesiveness among all the students as well as between the seniors and juniors. It helped us to understand synergy ie. 1+1 is equals to 11. We learned, if the team is optimistic and each member has full trust on each other than any goal can be achieved.