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Event Topic Report on Remembering the legends of ?Ramayana?
Category OTHERS
Date & Day 11th October, 2019

Ramayana is a Sanskrit word which means the journey of lord Ram (seventh avatar of Vishnu and a major deity of Hinduism) is one of the great epic poems of India. The Ramayana was originally composed in Sanskrit before 300 BC by the poet Valmiki in 24000 couplets and seven books (known as kand). IMS Ghaziabad university courses campus on the occasion of Valmiki Jayanti organized a skit on Ramayana to remember the legends Of Ramayana and to pay a tribute to Valmiki for his creation. With a pageantry of glittering costumes, exquisite masks, professional-level props, music scores and a running time of three hours, the audience easily forgot that this was a play. Around 100 cast, crew and volunteers which include the staff, the faculties and students, come together to retell the 5,000year-old epic by Valmiki. The act starts with sage Valmiki taking the audience through the journey of Prince Rama?s life. Through beautifully choreographed dances and songs, The act through beautifully choreographed dances and songs describes the royal birth of the god?Rama?in the kingdom of?Ayodhya?(Oudh), his tutelage under the sage Vishvamitra, and his success in bending?Shiva?s mighty bow at the bridegroom tournament of?Sita, his exile,?Ravana, the demon-king of Lanka, carries off Sita to his capital while her two protectors are busy pursuing a golden deer sent to the forest to mislead them. Their alliance with Sugriva, king of the monkeys, and, with the assistance of the monkey-general?Hanuman?and Ravana?s own brother, Vibhishana, they attack Lanka. Rama slays Ravana and rescues Sita, who undergoes an ordeal by fire in order to clear herself of suspicions of infidelity and finally they returned to Ayodhya after their exile. There are many spellbinding moments in this musical dance drama. A various scene like kaikeyi and Dasaratha conversation, Sita Haran (kidnapping of Sita by demon king Ravana), Ram and Ravana fight are show stoppers of the act. The pain, happiness, anguish shown by the actors are palpable and the audience could not help but give them a standing ovation. Dr. Sapna Rakesh (director, IMS Ghaziabad university courses campus) in her address said- ?people love to talk about the existence of these mythological figures. But according to my point of view what written can be wrong but what travels from the last 5000 years cannot be wrong.? She focuses on what learnings can we take from Ramayana to be successful in this era. The event ended with a vote of thanks by Dr. Geeti Sharma (chairperson BBA) wherein she thanked director ma?am. Faculty members, students, participants, staff members, ewl team and IT team for their contribution in making the event a great success and adding one more feather in the cap of IMS