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Event Topic ESR Activity by MIB Students
Category CLUB
Date & Day 27th October, 2019


"ESR Activity by MIB Students"

Diwali is not the just lights, sweets, decorations or busting crackers. Diwali is also about spreading happiness and being with those with whom we cannot generally be. With the motive of spreading smile, MIB students celebrated this auspicious festival with children living in the slums. First of all, Stationery kits were distributed to slum children. They were happy, afterwards packets of sweets and firecrackers were distributed. All children played with firecrackers and enjoyed sweets. Eleven years old Alka, one of the poor children said to us with innocence, "I wait for each festival, don't you come every day?". We assured her that we will definitely come whenever we get time. All poor families and children thanked us with the core of their hearts and requested to celebrate festivals with them. The joy of celebrating Diwali could be clearly on these children's faces.