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Event Topic ESR Activity by MIB Students
Category CLUB
Date & Day 30th October, 2019


"ESR Activity by MIB Students"

Hygiene is a crucial aspect of human moral value. Since childhood whether at home or at schools we have been taught to maintain proper hygiene. It is an inseparable part of our lives, but still is matter of gloom that lots of people are deprived or not able to fulfil this basic requirement. There are many areas where hygiene is required, hence one of the prominent areas is hygiene in females. There is still a dearth of awareness among the females related to proper menstrual hygiene practices. So with the motive of creating awareness about menstrual hygiene we conducted an educational responsibility activity. A philanthropic team of MIB 1st (2019-21 batch)year students decided to distribute sanitary napkins, free of cost, among the needful young girls and women in the slums of Vivekananda Nagar near Vivekananda flyover, Ghaziabad. Students also made them aware of maintaining and keeping proper hygienic conditions. In starting the young girls and the females were being hesitant and reluctant and were not coming out of their homes but later on a wise old man of their area talked to them and put them at ease. After listening to him they started stepping out of their homes and cooperated with students to make the activity successful.