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Event Topic ESR Activity by MIB Students
Category CLUB
Date & Day 3rd November, 2019


"ESR Activity by MIB Students"

Christmas in November' That's how the residents of Vivekanand Nagar described their experience of receiving donated goods through the IMSUC. On 3rd November 2019, seven students of MIB Ist year (2019-21) batch distributed clothes among the residents of slum area. MIB student sorted the clothes according to the size and distributed it. In which volunteer were greeted by about 40-50 people from infants to the elderly to whom we handed out cloths. The people in that area were very grateful for everything they received.
Old clothes were collected by the volunteer from the various student of the class for donation purpose, just because they are out of fashion, but same cloth can be of very much useful to a person who is deprived of basic clothing, Hence the basic motive is to make people aware that the things which are no more useful for them can be useful for the larger audience of the planet. IMS UC volunteer provides both new and used clothing to people living in poverty, making no distinction of age, gender, race, color, religion, ability or nation of origin.

In this activity, volunteer tries to bridge the gap between who need help and people who are willing to help. The volunteer has been actively involved in making a difference in people's lives, in their times of need. In this activity, we try to make people aware that the things not of their use can be useful for the needy people. Volunteer can realize the love that community is giving to them. It was a wonderful experience that none of the volunteer will forget in future.