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Guest Lectures


Event Topic Role of Intellectual Property Rights on Research
Category E-CELL
Date & Day 12th January, 2020

It is always good to have knowledge of different things to open paths for different domains, being a teacher it is always important to be a good guide so that you can transfer your good fruit to your students for their good. So to maintain this legacy IMSUC organized a Student development programme on the ?Role of Intellectual Property Rights on Research? by Mr. Amit Katiyar. The seminar commenced with a quote ?Knowledge, not weapons will be the currency of power in this century?, explaining the Basics of Intellectual Property (IP) i.e., he talked about various forms of IPR such as patents, industrial designs, trademarks, geographical indications, copyrights, plant protection and semiconductor layout protection and stressing the importance of IPR and how an individual can contribute to IP i.e., economy, R&D and Global Innovation Index (GII). He explained the patent procedures and UGC steps towards current Plagiarism scenario for anti-plagiarism. Then stressing the importance of Commercialization of research works by quoting - A lot of new ideas are created or born but, ?Most die a lonely death, never seeing the light of commercial success.? and need of searching patent documents, which has 70% information elsewhere in any source. Finally the session ended with case study that how an IP Protection facilitate successful innovation. This was the strong way to end the session as the eminent speaker Mr.Amit Katiyar touched upon various depth of the concept and marked his knowledge among the attendees. At last the session went a great hit, the faculties were also enthusiastic.