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Event Topic TRAIL BLAZER-Training with the Trainees
Category workshop
Date & Day 16th January, 2020


TRAIL BLAZER-Training with the Trainees

IMS Ghaziabad (University Courses Campus) organised a TRAIL BLAZER-Training with the Trainees .Under the initiative of interactive classroom sessions MIB I Year HR students of Management department designed a training module for HR Specialisation students ,BBA IV Semester 2018-21 batch on January 16,2020 from 12:15pm onwards.The undergraduate HR specialisation students were divided in to groups and trainer was allotted to each group.The MIB students were allocated various topics that are relevant for undergraduate students to learn and implement in their corporate career.The training module was designed by MIB students Ms.Aashi Gupta, Ms.AkanchaPriya, Ms.HeenaTyagi, Ms.Mrigna Tripathi, Ms.Shree Pawar, Ms.Varnita Goyal, Mr.Amit Kumar Chauhan & Ms.Vaishnavi Sharma under the guidance of Prof.Yagbala Kapil.The MIB students selected the topics, Online Portfolio Management to help the undergraduate to develop their online social profile.Another topic chosen was Be a Master in MS-Power Point that help them in their assignments and presentation.The topic Pros and Cons of Social Media is to make them aware about the sensitivity of online social platform.The topic Count your seconds make them understand the importance of time and how to utilise it effectively and efficiently.The session JIMJAM is to help the students to overcome their nervousness and how to be confident in every situation.

The objective of this session is to provide postgraduate and undergraduate a platform where students can come together and share their experiences and knowledge that enhances their training skills to develop as a better corporate trainer. The session ended with great zeal and enthusiasm amongst the students and on a gratitude note by Dr.Geeti Sharma,Chairperson BBA,Dr. Nidhi Srivastava and Prof.Abhinav Kataria to HR Team.

Learning Outcome:

It was a great learning experience for students on how to impart quality training. It also boost the confidence and morale of the students that helps them in their further presentations and trainings.
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