Cultural club of IMS Ghaziabad University Courses Campus once again left the entire campus speechless with their own event i.e. "Solo Dance Competition" which was organized on 17th January, 2020. The event for the day started with some motivating words from judges for the event i.e. Dr Kumar Saurav, Prof. Sandhya and Dr. Geeti Sharma accompanied by an opening dance performance by Vice-president of the club Vanshika Singh, made the entire crowd present in the auditorium stupefy towards the dance.Anchor for the event Deepa Pathak (president of Cultural Club) and Vanshika Singh (Vice-president) announced for the first performance and thus the Competition for the day started. Participants were well adept for the event, performances and had exemplified distinct dance styles including classical, hip-hop, Bollywood and with every performance agreeing on, it became tough for deciding the winner. At last, there was a closing performance given by members of the Cultural Club. The decision given by the judges finally got announced and winners got declared. 1st - Vanshita Sharma 2nd ? Priyanshi 3rd - Hritik