Spark Logo Making Competition

"A Picture is a poem without words."-Horace
'Splash'- The Art and Craft Club at IMS Ghaziabad University Courses Campus Organized the Spark Logo Making Competition for the students with artistic, creative and innovative mindset. We are glad to have the overwhelming responses of 15+ teams. Student participated with a lot of enthusiasm as they put together their artistic, imaginative and creative skills to make creative logo on Netflix, Addidas,you tube,amazon,nike,mcdonald,Apple,Google,pepsi,Paytm,TATA, Instagram,photogrid ,Porsche etc.

The time duration of the event was 90 minutes and the criteria for assessment were presentation, creativity, theme, and description. The students shown great enthusiasm and creative abilities; the event was concluded by the judges giving the judgments. The event well managed by President Sheetal Yadav with all club members under the guidance of Prof.Nidhi Srivastava and It was a wonderful event. The winners were awarded by the trophies and runner ups by consolation prizes.