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Guest Lectures


Event Topic Start-Up and New Venture Creation
Category E-CELL
Date & Day 27th January, 2020

There were total 3 session conducted for the workshop SESSION 1 : NEW VENTURE CREATION THE 1st session was conducted by Dr Nidhi Srivastava that what are the necessary thing that needs to be done to pursue a business idea. Basically she told us about how to begin with an idea and how to develop that idea into a useful product and according to the needs and demand of the people. The participants were told to think about an idea and prepare a one-page business plan for the same. The template for the same was also provided by her. Later she told us about the content of a pitch and how to impress investor with the details of the plan. SESSION 2 : START-UP JOURNEY The session was conducted by Honourable guest Mr Amit Pathak who himself is an entrepreneur; he is the founder of Shellios Technolabs. Basically he was here to discuss that how an idea can become a start up and what are the challenges that a startup has to face before and after the product is launched. He discuss about his journey of idea that he and his brother work together to build a product. Their product was a technology related helmet which was something new in the market. SESSION 3: Pitching This session was conducted by Dr Nidhi Srivastava and judged by Prof Kapil Mohan Garg and Prof Abhinav Kataria where we students were given the chance to present our pitch in 2 minutes and feedback was given by the judge and facilitator about the feasibility of idea and its uniqueness. Students who successfully completed their pitch were awarded certificate of completion for the workshop. All the 3 sessions were great and we learnt many things today about developing an idea and challenges in implementation. It was like a brainstorming exercise for us With due Regards Prashti Soni