Guest Lectures


Event Topic Workshop on ?Business Environment & Strategy
Category E-CELL
Date & Day 28th January, 2020

Business environment means all of the internal and external factors that affect how the company functions including employees, customers, management, supply and demand and business regulations. The Session was started on 11:15 AM. It was the Workshop with Mr. Debashish Paul who are a senior professional with 29 years. Advertising Agency, Marketing, Brand Management and Integrated Marketing in the industry with global and Indian experience on the topic: ?Business Environment going budgets textbooks and media articles.? First he asked everyone?s name and asked them to speak at least one line about the topic. Then he told which strategies should be adopted to run the any business. Then he told about some strategies e.g. SWOT, Porter value chain analysis, PESTEL, Competitive Advantage and he explained by giving the example of Bajaj Company. Then after he spoke about Google and explained his work and how they generate their revenue. Similarly, he gave many examples like: Make My Trip, Book My Show, Hyundai and many more. After that he told about N-soff Model and the workshop ended there. These information of Business Environment was a wonderful thing for us and this information was not yet known. We thank our college for Presenting such a wonderful Workshop of Business Environment: Going beyond textbooks and media articles for us. Learning Outcome: It was a good learning exposure we learned that there are five framework which are used by business for predicting business environment. We also learned business strategy of various brands like Hyundai, google and other how they scanned the business environment and got edge over their competitor.