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Event Topic A Session on Corona Virus
Category OTHERS
Date & Day 12th February, 2020


A Session on Corona Virus

"To get rich, never risk your health. For it is the truth that health is the wealth of wealth."

Coronavirus is a type of common virus that infects humans, typically leading to an upper respiratory infection (URI.) Seven different types of human coronavirus have been identified. Most people will be infected with at least one type of coronavirus in their lifetime. The Session was started on 4:00 PM. It was the Session on Corona Virus with Prof. Kapil Sharma who is the Assistant Professor of IMS Ghaziabad UC Campus, He has completed his master's in Biotechnology from CCS university and Professor Umesh Sharma who is the Assistant Professor of IMS Ghaziabad UC Campus. Two students of B.Sc. Department, Ms. Bharti and Ms. Divya start the session with their presentation. Ms. Divya made us aware about the Corona Virus and how to prevent from this virus. She told us that there are two types of corona virus, one is Alpha Con. V and Second is Beta Con. V. This virus primarily originated from Middle East. It was firstly identified in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China and they found more than 7000 cases diagnosed by the corona virus. She informed us that corona virus spread through the Direct Contact with the Person and by the Aerosol (coughing and Sneezing).

Than Ms. Bharti gave the information about sign and symptoms of corona Virus Like Cold, Fever, Chest pain and Headache. If anyone found these symptoms, then they should firstly have concerned the doctor. She also told that till date, there is no treatment available of this virus. According to latest information, this virus has already spread in almost 25 countries in the world which include India, China, US. We are thankful to the B.Sc. department of IMS Ghaziabad UC Campus for creating the awareness about this corona virus which will definitely help to prevent from this virus