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Event Topic Online Quiz by Network Club
Category CLUB
Date & Day 15th April, 2020

Network Club at IMS Ghaziabad (University Courses Campus) organized an Online event "Quiz" on 15 of April 2020.

The event "Quiz" was conducted online via using websites which helped us to prepare the best form of Online based MCQ quiz which can just be started with a Link, we had also given points for the correct answer and deducted the points for the wrong answers, negative marking was there so +5 for the correct answer and -2 for the wrong answer we also had set a timer for the Quiz which was one hour and total question were 30 where there were 3 rounds each consist of 10 questions.

We had arranged the question in such a way like from Easy to Hard where students don't feel Uncomfortable to attempt the MCQ.

The Best part of the Quiz event was we had got 96 registration for the Quiz from IMSUC as it was only our campus event but 156 student's of IMSUC has taken this Quiz and Completed it within 1 hr.

The main aim of this event was to give knowledge and to teach students about the latest trends of the Industry
List of Winners:
1st Position Ashwin Raj (BCA 2nd Year).
1st Position Rutt Gupta (BSC BT 1st Year).
2nd Position Sheetal Tiwari (BSC BT 3rd Year).
3rd Position Ridam Rastogi (BCA 3rd Year).