Solo dance competition May 5, 2020 Dancers don't need wings to fly.? Someone has correctly said that dance is the most committed and definitive means to drizzle oneself. Embracing its long-lasting collision, a ' Solo Dance Competition' was organized by 'Cultural Club of Institute of management studies' Passion and pleasure appeared escorting these reckless dancers on the stage of their canopies. A digital SOLO DANCE COMPETITION in which all the participants captured their Diverse creations on a wide expanse of songs and different forms of dances like Hip- Hop, Bollywood Style, Freestyle etc. left the judges startled. On the opposite, the competition ended with a bright note of clutching its intuition ideals. The experience of arranging such an event on a digital platform, providing students with more opportunities to showcase the real hidden talent that they carry within themselves. The list of winners was as follows - Winner Winner Chicken Dinner - SHASHANK AGGARWAL (BBA 3rd year.) First runner up - SHIV NARAYAN SINGH CHAUHAN (BJMC 3rd year.) Second runner up - PRIYANSHI (BSC 2nd year)