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Event Topic Panel Discussion on Breakdown in Economy due to COVID 19
Category OTHERS
Date & Day 12th May, 2020

" Breakdown in Economy due to COVID 19" Summary of the Event: The department of journalism and mass communication at IMS GHAZIABAD (University courses campus) organized a panel discussion "Hastakshep" on the Topic- "Breakdown in economy due to covid 19 Mr.Tushar Sharma was the moderator of the panel discussion. The panelists Other panelists were Sonam Dixit, Anjali Mishra ,TanyaTyagi and Subhi Goel. The economic impact of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic in India has been largely descriptive. The World Bank and credit rating Agencies have downgraded India's growth for fiscal year 2021 with the lowest figure India has seen in three decades in India economic liberalization in the 1990. The former Chief economic advisor of Government of India has said that India should prepare for a negative growth rate in fiscal year twenty one. However the International Monetary Fund projection for India for the financial year 2021 to 22 of 1.9% GDP growth is the highest among G20 Nations within a month unemployment Rose from 6.7% on March 15 to 26% on 19th April during the lock down and estimated 14 crore people have lost employment more than 45% of household across the nation have reported and income drop as compared to the 2019.Discussion covered the points like India's GDP, change in the market and their effects, role of Government to help the poor people also what would be the structure of economy after this Pandemic COVID-19. Learning Outcome: The students interacted and asked questions to the panelists which gives them a confident to ask a question in front of the public and learn the language of the media.