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Event Topic Panel Discussion On Promotion of the students to next class during Lockdown
Category OTHERS
Date & Day 13th May, 2020

?Promotion of the students to next class during Lockdown? Summary of the Event- During this time of global pandemic where the utility of a student is threatened, various time to time activities that enrolls them plays a key role for survival of their talent and strength. The Department of Journalism and Mass Communication of IMS Ghaziabad- University Courses Campus provided a platform to the budding and aspiring journalists of future i.e. students of journalism and mass communication, to provide their outlook, vision on utmost important topics of this phase by organising 'Series of Panel Discussion' Day 3 of Panel Discussion started with introduction of panelists by anchor Manish Kumar, introducing Riya Sharma, Aktankshika Sharma and Akshay Kumar. Discussion started with the introduction of the core cause of this pandemic era i.e., Covid -19 or well known Corona virus, what covid 19 is all about, how it affected the entire eminent survival of human, what things and outlook is necessary. The discussion then went ahead by focusing on its main topic : ' Promotion of students to next class during Lockdown', where panelists enlightened about the whole scenario that how students were promoted, which guidelines were issued for necessary exams to be conducted of class 10 and 12 , why this decision was taken, was it necessary and all the loopholes it had. Panelists also put light on various aspects of this decision, how it can affect students and future and what others measures could have been taken inspite of it. The Panel Discussion was witnessed by no. of Professors and students of journalism department. Students were enlightened on the topic and got satisfactory information; overall it was a great learning experience for all. Learning Conclusion- The young journalists had greatly enlightened about the topic and conclusion of exams should have been held after lockdown for every student is drawn from it. As it is not just an exam or which exam holds more value but the future of our own country and its coming generation regarding which every single decision matters. Students learned a lot and had a great experience at this platform.