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Event Topic Why Covid-19 cases are on rise in India?
Category OTHERS
Date & Day 14th May, 2020

Panel Discussion on Why Covid-19 cases are on rise in India? Summary of the Event: On the fourth day of ?Series of Panel Discussion? organized by the Media School of IMS Ghaziabad, University Courses Campus to help students utilize their quarantine days, and evolve eventually. The fourth day of the series witnessed, a Panel of students Sanchit Goel, Riya Sharma, Paritosh Sharda and Vaibhav Mattas of first year had a fully fledged discussion on the topic ?Why Covid-19 cases are on rise in India? reasons of the rise of the cases of corona-virus patients in India. The ways and the methods government are following to control the spread of the same. How and why the number of cases is on rise also what precautions should be taken by the citizens and how one should behave in the situation, if anyone is suffering from the same. Most of the coronavirus cases in India originated abroad rather than being transmitted within the country. The analysis of the updates issued by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare shows a majority of those infected since the infection was first detected in India on 30 January had a travel history to countries such as Italy, China and Iran Ten of the first 50 cases found positive for the COVID-19 virus in India, until 10 March, did not have a travel history, but came in contact with someone who had travelled abroad. Only one patient so far has been found not to have come in contact with anyone who had travelled abroad. Discussion also focused on how the cases are increasing faster during lockdown. Panelists also discussed about how migrant workers are also responsible in spreading corona like Tablighi jamaat. The discussion was with full of facts and audience took interest. It was an interactive session. The Panel was anchored by Riya Sharma. The program was led under the supervision of Professor Sandhya Sharma. Learning Outcome: - The young journalists had greatly enlightened about the topic students learned a lot and had a great experience at this platform.