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Event Topic Panel Discussion on Role of social workers during the pandemic Covid-19
Category OTHERS
Date & Day 16th May, 2020

?Role of social workers during the pandemic Covid-19? Summary of the Event: To help the students to utilize their quarantine days, and evolve eventually for the same ?Series of Panel Discussion? organized by the Journalism and Mass communication Department of IMS Ghaziabad, University Courses Campus.Students discussed about the ?Role of social workers during the pandemic Covid-19? on the fifth day of Panel discussion. The programme was anchored Shagun and the panelist were Divyanshu, Kuldeep, Yonishq and Sukti . The discussion started with how the International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW) theme for 2020 is ?Promoting the Importance of Human Relationships?. Panelists also discussed how Social work is responding extremely well to the Covid 19 and how social workers are working towards the essential life-saving role. As we have passed some challenges, and more are ahead. The social work role in advocating that social services remain open and adapt to the conditions has largely been successful. Discussion also covered how social services are developing to targeted plans to support homeless people and other vulnerable groups have in many countries been advanced. The setting up of telephone hotlines that provide family counseling and direct safety when domestic violence is occurring is also advancing in many countries. Social workers at every level have the skills and capability to not only address safety for today but to translate fear, grief and loss into empowerment and social transformation. Several social workers continue distributing ration and other food items, hygiene and medication supplies to the poor and needy people who are suffering during the nationwide lockdown in capital complex. Learning Outcome: - The young journalists had greatly enlightened about the topic and students learned a lot and had a great experience at this platform.