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Event Topic Impact of this Pandemic Covid -19 on Cinema and Media
Category OTHERS
Date & Day 21st May, 2020

Impact of this Pandemic Covid -19 on Cinema and Media

During this time of global pandemic, Media industry has emerged as a major leader and a key to the survival for all the citizens of the nation. The department of Journalism and Mass Communication provided a platform to the budding journalists of IMS Ghaziabad, with the eminent personality of cinema from Australia,Deakin University to share his outlook, vision and the daily struggles of cinema workers during this phase. The webinar was started with the welcome of the guest by our honorable Director Dr. Sapna Rakesh, Convener-Mr. Girish Kumar Singh (Assistant Professor, Chairperson,BJMC),Co-Convener-Mr. Anurag Singh ,Assistant Professor and all BJMC faculties.Webinar was graced by Dr. Vikrant Kishore Course Director- Film, Television & Animation School of Communication and Creative Arts Deakin University Australia.

Discussion started with the challenges faced by cinema industry during the pandemic, Dr. Vikrant also said it is the time when we are in pause mode but as soon as possible things will change or be normalized Cinema will defiantly recover it. He said there are opportunities to be found in this new world order, especially at a time when people are avidly consuming content at home. “The landscape was already tough for indie films and the people who make them are adaptable,” he continues. “As the investments and risks are smaller, this could be a time when we see more support for smaller films. We could also be looking at new ways of making films.” The industry has certainly taken this to heart, finding innovative ways to bypass the current roadblocks. While sets remain closed, writers’ rooms are convening on Zoom; the Casting Society We should focus on finding creative solutions to keep business going by online casting etc. Discussion touched many points like if there will be any change in type of production and what about distribution of films etc.

The webinar was witnessed by a large no. of Professors and students of other Institutes and Universities. Students asked many questions to the experts and get satisfactory answers, overall it was a great learning experience for all.

Learning Outcome: The young filmmakers had all their questions answered thoroughly by the speakers and had a great retraining session. The students were greatly motivated by the words of guest.