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Guest Lectures


Event Topic FFET 2020
Date & Day 14th June, 2020

4th FULL FRAME DIGITAL FILM FESTIVAL 2020- IMS Ghaziabad University Course Campus. IMS Ghaziabad University Courses Campus organized film festival and entertainment thunder 2020 with full revised schedule and making it the first ever Digital Film Festival with the name 4th Full Frame Digital Film Festival on 14th June, 2020. The remarkable and exhilarating experience will always put a name to the cup of IMS Ghaziabad University Courses Campus. Keeping an eye on the pandemic situation of Covid-19 where the world is sitting inside and all the working is at stack, the ?Department Of Journalism And Mass Communication? took it as an opportune time to bring forward the efforts of all the budding youngsters in field related to media. As always the Department Of Journalism And Mass Communication has proved itself exemplar while throwing events with great enthusiasm. The digital film festival was comprised of different competition. The whole competition was divided in two categories- School and College level where as the competitions were; Film making competition, RJ Hunt, Tik-Tok video making, Rapping and trick photograph were in focus. The big blow for all the participants was the winner would receive some cash amount. The event started on zoom with live telecast on the Youtube channel of IMS Ghaziabad University Course Campus. Dr. Sapna Rakesh, Director IMS Ghaziabad University Courses Campus started the day with welcoming speech and the commencement of the competition took place with opening speeches of Guest of Honor. To start with we had very honorable and righteous CA. Dr. Rakesh Charria, Treasurer of IMS Ghaziabad University Courses Campus. He addressed the students and welcomed the participants and guests with and as an impeccable voice of college. The list of guests from prominent places did not end when it came to attend the first ever digital Film Festival. As guests we had very auspicious presence of; Mr. Avinash Das- Bollywood Film Director, Mr. Pranay Dixit- Bollywood actor, Mr. Saud Mohammad Khalid- Journalist and Senior Producer at News24, Dr. Mala Kapoor- Principal/Director of the Silver Line Prestige School, Mr. Vikrant Kishor- Daekin University Australia, Ms. Tapasya Shadaan-Anchor at Doordarshan, Mr. Ravi Taneja- Writer for Bollywood, Mr. Sunil Suyal- RJ FM-Gold and Mr. B.S Nigam- Former Director Makhan Lal Chaturvedi University,Bhopal (Noida Campus) This Fourth Full Frame Digital Film Festival 2020, gave away the basic knowledge of where there is will there is a way, which comprehend that in coming time we would become more of E- generation and taking such steps to Create a difference would become more important. At the end of the session Director Dr. Sapna Rakesh announced the results for all. After lots of hurdles and low human resource the number of participation counted 1000+ participants from all around the nation who are studying in different colleges and schools. This is an Exemplary example set by the Department of Journalism and Mass communication.This was the first ever digital film festival organized by any institute in Delhi/NCR. This whole event was executed under the highly impressive supervision of Head Of the Department Prof. Girish Kumar Singh, Prof. Sandhya Sharma, Prof. Khurshied Alam, Prof. Anurag Singh with student Coordinators- Shubham Verma, Ritwik Das, Prashant Kumar, Meghna Shrama in support with Aishwarya Samant and Aeshanya Mehta. Prof. Sandhya Sharma was the master of ceremony who acknowledged the whole session with great effort and the whole session were technically supported by IMS technical team.