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Guest Lectures


Event Topic online Interactive session with sahil vaid
Category OTHERS
Date & Day 19th July, 2020

During this time of global pandemic, Media industry has emerged as a major leader and a key to the survival for all the citizens of the nation. The department of Journalism and Mass Communication provided a platform to the budding journalists of IMS Ghaziabad, were with eminent personalities of various media industries to share their outlook, vision and the daily struggles of media workers during this phase. The online interaction is a step towards new normal. This interaction started with an introductory part to Mr. Sahil Vaid by Prof. Sandhya Sharma and a welcome note by Prof. Anurag Singh as a resource person. The event was planned as a part of curriculum under better understanding of the industry for the students. Mr. Sahil Vaid is an eminent personality in the industry and has got limelight with different character played in various films and has worked for dubbing of Hollywood film in India. He told about the situations industry is facing due to the pandemic and also motivated students for practicing the things that could keep them active. Students one by one asked questions to Mr. Sahil Vaid about his experience, work ethics and environment of the industry. He even answered question related to his personal face off with nepotism and industrial fa?ade. The Interaction was lively and answers were satisfactory. Learning Outcome: The young journalist had all their questions answered thoroughly by the speaker and had a great retraining session. The students were greatly motivated.