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Event Topic Sports club, IMSUC organised Push Up Hunt Competition
Category CLUB
Date & Day 14th August, 2020
" When you've got something to prove, there's nothing greater than a challenge”
Sports club, IMS Ghaziabad University Courses Campus always focuses on transforming young minds into a creative, innovative, and responsible sportsman who can lead the world.  We at IMS pay strong emphasis on experimental learning, design thinking while sharpening the ability through providing various opportunities to the students for their holistic development. The event was started by the Prof. Vanchan Tripathi, Faculty Coordinator, IMSUC, where she highlighted how important it is to organize E-Sports to keep the sportsmanship high. 
The judge of the event was Mr. Surya Saxena. He is associated with IMSUC as Assistant Prof BCA Department. Apart from having an academic credential sir has keen interest in area of sports. He addressed the participants and attendees and motivate people for smooth opening of event. The anchor of the day was Kriti Jain who told all the people the idea and rules of the event 
The event was conducted in two different rounds. The first round was the screening round based on recorded video of the participants of showing there Push-Ups. Participants was advised to record their 30 seconds Push up video and upload it latest by 11th August 2020. We have selected the participants on the basic of our evaluation criteria on the basic of -
1.Body posture 
2.No. of Push-up they have recorded 
We have selected the 10 best candidate. Here, we are going to have the Battle between the competitors
We further called all the contestant in series:
•Deepak Tyagi
•Saurabh Bhardwaj  
•Ayush Malakar
•Gaurav Sharma
•Keshav Kakkar 
•Shiva Shankar
•Mridul Tyagi
•Ronit Tyagi
•Shubham Tomar 
They set a bench mark to everyone that we can enjoy together in the pandemic of COVID-19. 
Further we have asked all the faculty who was present in the meeting about their feedback and the most important part of the day was polling section. We made our all the participant engaged with the polling booth. They all are request of the live poll for choosing the right winner and the result was far good than we actually thought. And the winners was 
1.Ronit Tyagi 
2.Shubham tomar 
3.Mridul Tyagi 

It was truly made are competition successful.