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Event Topic Poem Recitation Competition
Category CLUB
Date & Day 15th August, 2020
Every Independence day, patriotism is in the air as Indians remember and honour the sacrifice of hundreds of freedom fighters. No less was felt this year.  In these tough times also, when we are going through Pandemic in the country, the enthusiasm and feelings were the same. Accepting the trying times and changing our modus operandi, Literary club of IMSUC, came up with the idea of organizing a poem recitation competition “RECITE FROM YOUR HEART” on the occasion of 74th Independence Day via Online platform Zoom.
This Intra college event was organized to celebrate our Independence day and at the same time provide a platform to the students of IMSUC as well as other institutions to showcase their enormous talent. Beauty is the realm of poetry, students enjoy the beauty of expression, thoughts, feeling, rhyme, rhythm and music of words. All the participants wrote beautiful poems to pay tribute to our national heroes and to our mother land ‘India’ on the topics already shared with them via an e- mail: National heroes, Better than heaven, I love my India, Yeh desh Hai veero ka, Proud citizen of India “ 
Beautiful poems describing the courage and valour of our freedom fighters and the unity in diversity of our country were recited by all our participants and this marked a beautiful start of our day.The participants were judged on the parameters of content, clarity, confidence, voice modulation and articulation skills.Every single student put up a great show of his/her talent and competed in an excellent manner.
The main aim and emphasis of this competition was to provide a platform to our talented poets & they expressed themselves beautifully and were full of patriotism on this Independence Day. 15th August could not have been celebrated in a better manner.                                                                
The event was very well managed by the Vice President Shivi Singh and Secretary Sakshi Agarwal under the guidance of the club head CA Anu Tyagi. The result was declared by the esteemed judges and the position holders as well consolation prize winners were applauded. The e certificates of winners as well as participation certificates were shared via a congratulations e – mail. And cash prize of all the three position holders was shared with them. It was amazing to see that so many students participated in this competition and put forward their creativity at their best. We wish them the best and hope they continue to write and recite.
Faculty Co-ordinator:
CA Anu Tyagi
Judges of the Event:
Prof. Shenki Tyagi, Aastha Sawhney, Divya Chhibber, Yagbala Kapil
Co-ordinators for the event:
Sakshi Agarwal, Shivi Singh
Result of the Club Activity:
Ist position- Ankit Kumar (IMSUC)
2nd position- Amita Maurya
3rd position- T Shiva Shankar(IMSUC)
Consolation Prize:
1. Pratham Mittal (Army Public School, Ayodhya)
2. Himanshu Dhawan (Delhi University)
3. Preeti Verma(IMSUC)

 Keep up the spirit of writing and expressing