India is celebrating its 74th Independence Day, the struggle and sacrifices of our great freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for the country can never be forgotten. In this tough time, when we are going through a pandemic in the country, the enthusiasm and feelings were the same. Our Literary club of IMSUC, came up with the idea of organizing a poem recitation competition ?RECITE FROM YOUR HEART? on the occasion of 74th Independence Day via Online Venue Zoom. All participants drafted very beautiful and inspiring poems to pay tribute to our national heroes and to our motherland ?India? on the topics already shared with them via an email: ?National heroes, Better than heaven, I love my India, Yeh Desh Hai veero ka, Proud citizen of India" .15th August could not have been celebrated in a better manner. The event was very well managed by Vice President Shivi Singh and Secretary Sakshi Agarwal under the guidance of the club head CA Anu Tyagi. All the performers put their heart to entertain all the present audience and show their talent to the fullest. The result was declared by the esteemed judges and the position holders as well as consolation prize winners were applauded. We wish them the best and hope they continue to write and recite.