Drug Designing

The drug discovery is an interdisciplinary branch in which the contribution of computational methodologies provides knowledge of how molecular structures and their biological activities are related to each other. Today all pharmaceutical, as well as biotechnological industries, take the help of computational techniques to carry out research work.

School of Biosciences offers a specialization program in drug discovery that will cover all the computational techniques that are applied in the industries and focus on providing theoretical as well as practical knowledge to the student.

This specialization course deals with exploring various approaches used in the process of drug development, starting from identification of the target to the final registration of the drug molecule. It will also furnish the mind of the students with the computer-based methods for high-throughput screening of the selected drug molecules involving drug metabolism, toxicity, ADMET properties, and potency levels The course will provide a deeper insight into the basics of the molecular modeling techniques, drug designing and different approaches used for constructing three-dimensional models of the biomolecules with teaching-learning strategies that will go direct the logical reasoning, critical thinking as well as creative thinking amongst the students.

Many well-renowned companies like Quantumzyme, Syngene International Limited Ranbaxy, Cipla, Wockhardt, Glenmark life science Ltd, etc. offer job opportunities, expecting the knowledge of the basic process of drug discovery from the candidates. Sometimes they also expect to have experience in molecular modeling methods for constructing three-dimensional structures, knowledge of drug discovery processes, ADMET optimization of drug molecules.

Apart from this they also expect LINUX knowledge from the potential candidates applying for different positions like Research Associate, academician, drug discovery analyst, etc.

These companies are in search of exceptionally good biologists and chemists with a excellent record of extraordinary achievements. They also expect from the candidates about possessing knowledge of protein-protein interaction involved in various cellular processes and signal transduction, which is an add-on to their knowledge.

After the completion of this specialization course, students will be able to describe the process of drug discovery and development as well as the challenges faced in each step of the drug development. They will also know computer methods and tools used at each step of drug discovery.

Drug Discovery specialization course curriculum
(For B.Sc. Biotechnology graduates)
Theoretical session 2nd Year 3rd Year
Approaches in Drug Designing Virtual Screening & Ligand designing
Drug design to discovery and development Docking & its Analysis
Molecular Modeling Molecular Mechanics
Hands- on session Computer tool based Practical’s Computer tool based- Practical’s
Industrial/ laboratory visit Visit to industry Visit to research laboratory
Assessment Written Written
Practical Practical
80% attendance is compulsory 80% attendance is compulsory