Earn While Learn (EWL)

Earn While Learn

“The Quality of Life is determined by its Activities”

EWL (Earn While Learn) Department at the IMS Ghaziabad (University Courses Campus) is working since 15th February 2017. It is a team that works for the institute and provides opportunities to the students to gain corporate experience while they learn. 


Why EWL at IMSUC Ghaziabad 

It provides learning opportunities in fields such as Photography, Videography, Video Editing, Graphic Designing, and Content Writing. The platform gives immense opportunities to learn and get trained with professionals. It imparts students with skills like teamwork, unity, discipline, and management. 



To craft its members in such a manner that they are ready to face any hurdles that may appear in their foreseen future. The motive for starting this department was to inculcate students with several skills which will be required when they will be working in the corporate sector and facing cutthroat competition.



To inculcate students in a professional environment and prepare them for the competitive arena.  



  • Photography and Videography Team 

This team covers all the programs, seminars, conferences, etc. that take place in the institute, capturing all the important moments precisely through their lens. 


  • Content Writing Team

The core of EWL, content writers write all the content that is to be posted on all social media platforms. They shape all the details of any event taking place in a precise manner which attracts a reader to know more about the institute. 


  • Graphic Designing Team

The graphic designers use their creative skills to convey the message through their amazing posters which are to be published on all social media platforms of the institute. 




  • Network between students from diverse courses
  • The most productive environment
  • Real world exposure 
  • Bond between the Juniors and seniors
  • Development in skills
  • Knowledge on various tools apart from academic requirement 
  • To create an Soft skills improvement