Guest Lectures


Event Topic Guest Lecture by Mr. Shalender D Gautam, Senior Manager- Blackberrys
Category CLUB
Date & Day 12th September, 2020

Marcadeo Society (Marketing Club) of IMS, Ghaziabad (University Courses Campus) organized a guest lecture for Retail and Marketing specialization students on 12th September, 2020. Main topic of the guest lecture was “Emerging Trends, Opportunities and Challenges in the Retail sector. Guest Lecture commenced with the warm welcome and greetings. Dr. Kumar Saurav, Head Marketing introduced the guest speaker Mr. Shalender D Gautam, Senior Manager- Internal Controller Mohan Clothing Co. Pvt Ltd Gurgaon(Blackberrys) to the students. Sir also apprised the students that few of the students will be sent to the same organization for the training purpose.
Moving on further Mr. Gautam gave a brief introduction about himself. He talked about his life and his career in retail. Initially, he briefed about his work and then gave some insights about the 'Retails sector'. He claimed that Retail is the need of an hour, and the main and upcoming successful business ahead is Retail and Marketing He said that one must know the retaining strategies and also the retail marketing solutions to sustain in the market. He made us known that Retail doesn't depend on the single customer rather than it depends on every customer segment and loyalty. Then he threw the light on the vitality of Brand Identity and Brand image, like how to maintain the brand in the market. He added to it that Logo and Advertising are the tools that sustain the brand in the market. To sustain the brand one must have a strong brand image. He also discussed the concept of 7p's of Retailing in detail.
He claimed that happy selling retains the customers as the customer looks for value for money. Then he made us familiarize with Influencer Marketing, Digital Marketing, Omni-channel, and Multi-Channel Marketing, Marketing Automation, etc. He said that the oral objective of Retails is, "Right product to Right customer". He also told students about the Retail Marketing Strategies and its benefits. He signified about Retail that it's all about innovation and smart spending. He also stated the strategies he and his company has opted for during the COVID-19. Then he ended his part with an inspiring quote i.e. "Just do the best at the present and don't look to the future". Then we had a quick Question and Answer session for students. Mr. Gautam addressed and answered the questions put up by the students. Then at last Prof. Shenki Tyagi gave a heartfelt vote of thanks to Mr. Gautam, the guest speaker.
It was indeed a great learning and fruitful session. Students have got vast knowledge about retail and marketing.