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Event Topic IMS-Ghaziabad University Courses Campus organized an event Mad for Campaigning
Category CLUB
Date & Day 2nd October, 2020

Marcadeo Society i.e. the marketing club of IMS-Ghaziabad University Courses Campus organized an event “Mad for Campaigning” on October 2, 2020, for all the students irrespective of course and year. The event took place on the virtual platform. The event was all about promoting yourself and IMS as a renowned brand. The purpose of this event was to see the creativity and innovation of the creative minds of IMSians.

The event commenced with an enriching thought and the introduction of the IMS-Ghaziabad, the leading B-school. Then we had a brief introduction to our Director, Dr. Sapna Rakesh, and the Chairperson of the Management Department, Dr. Geeti Sharma. Then the participants were made familiar with the Judges and the rules of the event. More than 15 students took part in the event and showcased their campaigning advertisements and also shared their idea and reason behind their Ads. The advertisements were back-to-back enthralling and fantastic. All the participants have put their best foot forward in creating those Ads. Every faculty present in the session appreciated the efforts put by these talented minds for creating these innovative advertisements. Furthermore, Mr. Abhishek Thakur, President of Marcadeo Society, introduced a very new concept by the club i.e. The Marcadeo Studio, where we will be running Ad campaigns and talk series with renowned personalities of IMS-Ghaziabad.

Then we had a super surprise video by the empowered girls of the final year on a very sensitized topic "Periods - The pride of the women". Each faculty present their appraised them and give kudos to them for their courageous efforts. Dr. Kumar Saurav, Marketing Head, also added to float the video to the whole IMS family and said that the students would be given a letter of appreciation for their efforts and zeal. Prof. Ashish Kumar Srivastava also added to share the video with WHO. In the meanwhile, judges came up with the results of the event.

Winners of the event:-

1st Position - Aditya Bhardwaj, BBA 1st Year
2nd Position - Pranav Kumar, BBA 1st Year
3rd Position - Vanshika Gupta, BBA 2nd Year
People’s Choice Award – Mahak Rastogi – BBA 2nd Year

Winners and participants were congratulated and appreciated for the hard work and efforts. Then we had another surprise video of Nitika Sharma, a student of BBA 2nd Year where she showcased herself and promoted her statement about "Skincare and hygiene".

Last but not least the event ended with a happy note with the special heartfelt vote of thanks by our Marketing Head, Dr. Kumar Saurav. He thanked each one of us be it student or faculty for joining us in and gracing the event by their presence. It was indeed a super interactive and joyous event.

Number of Participants: 86


1. Prof. Sandhya Sharma
2. Prof. Sapna Kumar
3. Prof. Shenki Tyagi

Student Coordinators :
1. Abhishek Thakur
2. Samyak Jain
3. Kunal Jain
4. Chirag Khandelwal

Anchors :
1. Nitika Sharma
2. Akanksha Rai