Web App Club organized a workshop, “Introduction to programming using Graphic and Animation” on 05th October 2020. This workshop was conducted for beginners as well as intermediate level students. This was an introductory session for Programming using Animation software called Scratch. 204 students registered for the workshop, 114 students attended it. Vanya Mudgal(BCA 2nd year), the president of the club , conducted the workshop. The workshop focused more on the practical approach to coding rather than theoretical. Firstly, the software named Scratch which is developed in the laboratory of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) was introduced. In the Introduction the user interface (UI) of the Scratch was explained in details including the subsections of different color puzzle pieces, the canvas, the animation stage, the compile and stop button and the buttons to change sprites and backdrops. Moving onto the next simple examples of basic programming on the Scratch were shown and how to compile and run them. Just after the few examples the fundamental definition of problem solving was introduced succeeding how the previous examples implemented on it. Sequential Statements and their definition was introduced next following with examples. Following this again a lot of programs were developed and implemented with the explanation of each and every puzzle pieces and how to nest them. Between the programs conditional and iteration statements were introduced and their importance in the programming languages was explained. The next topic was functions and was explained in the similar manner by coding some problems related to it and some examples to prove why it is so important. The practical session lasted for 1 hour 15 minutes followed by 15 minutes gaming session developed on the Scratch Software. To wrap up the workshop 2 games were played and the coding underneath their hood was explained, the first game was Dodge the Ball developed by club president Vanya Mudgal following the game called ‘Ivy’s hardest game’ developed by the Harvard University using the same software Scratch.

Learning Outcome:
• Introduction to Scratch Software
• Sequential Statements
• Conditional Statements
• Iteration Statements
• Functions