Guest Lectures


Category CLUB
Date & Day 27th October, 2020


As customers continue to engage with brands and business via voice technology, new voice marketing opportunities have come into view, enabling an experience that is personalized and more attuned to the motions and patterns of modern users. With this promotional thought, Marcadeo Society of Department of Management organized a competition named BRANDCAST, where participants had to do a voice over in promoting their brand by narrating a story with a believe that every customer have a story behind every brand they purchase for consumption.

The event began with the introduction by the Master of Ceremony, Ms. Vanshika Tomar where she gave a brief introduction about the event “BRANDCAST”. Further she introduced the judges for the day, Prof.. Santosh Shah along with Prof. Nidhi Sharma. Dr. Geeti Sharma, HOD, Department of Management took over the screen by wholeheartedly welcoming and motivating all the participants present in the event.

Ayushi Singh, the first participant of the event had made presented an audio about the brand she relates with the most, i.e. Nescafe. She talked about how just a sip of a brewing coffee makes a day better for her. After this, Abhinav Ranjan Mishra captivated the minds of all the audience by telling his overwhelming story of the struggle he had to face during the pandemic and highlighting the brand ‘Tata’ that how it helped the people going through with the same struggle and how the brand inspires him to be a better person.

Following him there were performances of Shaurya Gupta and Rishika Naskar where they gave a brief introduction about their respective brands and why they have chosen that particular brand for podcast advertising. An informative visual podcast by Aditya Bhardwaj enthralled the audience. The video showcased the betterment of the society by highlighting the brand ‘The Better India’. He further added to his video that how this brand calls attention to the problems of the country which most of other platforms does not highlight. Maitri Pathak then engaged the audience by the story of her riveting dream she had because of the discomfort she was facing from the sleeping mattress. She mentioned how sleep is important for her and the decision of switching to brand like ‘Slpeepwell’ makes her nights more comfortable than ever before.

Further Sagnik Dutta mentioned about the problems he faces as a content writer by highlighting ‘Grammarly’. He talked about how Grammarly makes his work more efficient and easy in his day to day life of a content writer. Brand Loyalty is a very aspect that all the brands expect from their customers. Keeping this thought in mind Rishika Vatsal mentioned how loyal she has been to her brand ‘Amul’ since the time of her childhood and how she has never switched to other competitors of the brand.
Post this, participant Gaurish Makhija expressed his love for cricket by highlighting the brand’ Sanspareils Greenlands’ known by the abbreviation SG through a visual podcast following which Khushi Rastogi took the audience back to their childhood by expressing her love towards ‘Walt Disney’. Last but not the least; we had Vatsalya where he highlighted the social message through a video and the importance of being Vocal for local.

Finally the event was drawn to a close by the declaration of the winners by the Vice President of the club Mr. Samyak Jain. He proudly announced the winners of the competition, where Aditya Bhardwaj banged the first position following which the second position was banged by Sagnik Dutta and the third prize was banged by Abhinav Mishra.

In the end a thank you note was given by the president, Mr. Abhishek Thakur where he congratulated all the winners and the participants for showcasing such an amazing talent on this platform. He also thanked his entire team members for organizing this event in more professional way. The event received an overwhelming response from the 112 audience as the audience was highly enthusiastic and made the event more interactive and by this the Marcadeo club made this event a hit show.

Student Coordinators:
Abhishek Thakur, Samyak Jain,Chirag Khandelwal, Divya Sharma, Mansi Bansal, Nitika Sharma, Kunal Jain

Master of Ceremony:
Ms. Vanshika Tomar