Workshop On Programming And Algorithms

Web App Club Organized a workshop, Programming And Algorithms on 10th Nov 2020 for all students of IMSUC. This workshop was conducted for beginners as well as intermediate level students. 68 students participated in the workshop. This was a theoretical session to make students understand that how the algorithms actually work in the programming world and how they can calculate efficiency of their own algorithms or programs. Vanya Mudgal , president of WEB APP Club conducted the Workshop.

The workshop started with the simple introduction of the algorithms. To make students better understanding of algorithm concept, a practical example of ‘Searching through a Dictionary’ was followed. Then a game that pokes around the algorithms was played which includes 7 number cards (numbers hidden) and a volunteer from the participants have to find the given number card through the range of number cards. The volunteer as expected showed how to search the number using the algorithm called Linear search. Similarly another volunteer was called to play the same game but this time one advantage was given that the list was already sorted in the ascending order, and the volunteer expectedly showed how to search the number through the number cards by Binary search. Calculating the efficiency of these two algorithm was taught by using the Notations given by scientists called BIG O Notation and OMEGA Notation. Again then a game was played to solve the problem of Bubble sorting where the volunteer sorted the range of number cards in the ascending order. Just the same way two more algorithms i.e. Selection Sort and Merge Sort were discussed practically demonstrating the students that how these algorithms actually worked underneath the hood for the better understanding of the concepts. Efficiencies of the three Algorithms was calculated proving which algorithm was better than the rest.

The games were played to make the session more interactive and for the better practical approach for solving any problem. Animations and videos were shown during the workshop to differentiate between different algorithms applied on the same problem. At last a quick quiz was given to the students with 5 easy questions to test themselves for the concept of Algorithms.

Learning Outcome:

• Introduction to Algorithms
• Linear Search
• Binary Search
• Notations (BIG O and OMEGA)
• Bubble Sort
• Selection Sort
• Merge Sort.