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Category CLUB
Date & Day 30th November, 2020

‘Splash’-THE ART AND CRAFT CLUB in IMS UNIVERSITY COURSE CAMPUS organized the QUILLING COMPETITION for the students with creative and innovative idea hold on Monday, 30th November, 2020 at zoom platform. As we all know Quilling or paper filigree is an art form that involves the use of strips of paper that are rolled, shaped and glued together to create decorative designs. Students had participated with lots of enthusiasm. The created patterns, flowers, necklace, earrings, basket, photo frames, butterfly, teddy bear, balloons and greeting etc. There was a tough competition among participants and the winners will have selected on the bases of aesthetic sense, cleanliness, creativity and use of colours. The time duration of the event was 2 hours however, a huge number of students from all the course participated in the event whole heartedly. The students shown great enthusiasm and creative abilities, the event was concluded by the judges given the judgement.” Warmest congratulations to all the participants for participating in this wonderful quilling competition”. The event will managed with all the club members under the guidance of Prof.Nidhi Srivastava and it was a wonderful event.

Judges of the Event

1.CA Anu tyagi 2. Prof. Aastha sawhney

The following students bagged the prize
1st Position - Divyanshi Goyal - (BBA 2nd Year)
2 nd position- Simran Kansal - (BBA 1st Year)
3rd Position - Simran Vishwa-(BSC Biotechnology 1st Year)and Prachi Shivhare- (BBA)

Consolation prize goes to:
Riya Sawhney -BBA 3rd Year

Learning Outcome:

It was a great learning experience for students on how to develop creative skill. It also boosts the confidence and morale of the students that helps them in their further scope.