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Guest Lectures


Event Topic Mutual fund Expert Speak session By HDFC AMC
Category Guest Lecture
Date & Day 7th January, 2021

The Department of Management Studies in association with the CRC department & HDFC AMC organized an MF Expert Speak session on 7th January2021 for our BBA Banking & Finance students.

The speaker of the day was Mr.Nakul Bhatnaagar.( Training & Devlopment HDFC AMC). The session was commenced by making two aspects of Saving and Investment habits. The insight in the world of saving and investing, how saving and investing is helping to build wealth one-on-one discussion was hold by the speaker with the audience on the same. Whereas various topics were addressed by the speaker on -Understanding Asset classes
Then, the session moved towards the stock market. And a clear difference between mutual funds and stock markets was given by the speaker.

About the Mutual Funds followed by the types of Mutual Funds - The four broad types of mutual funds,Direct investing the types of risks and the Financial Planning etc. The session was relevant and very useful for the students to enhance career in the field of financial services.

The students asked various questions about investing and career prospects which were nicely explained by the speaker by various insightful examples.

At the end of the session, students appreciated the learning and also shared how this learning helped them. The session ended with a knowledgeable perception and gains. Faculty coordinator Prof.Ashish Shrivastav and Dean-CRC Mr. Mandeep Singh Rawat, Finance Club President Mr. Arpit Kansal extended a note of gratitude to the dignified speaker and the students, who were actively involved throughout the session. There were 100 participants in the session.

Faculty coordinator:
Mr. Mandeep Singh Rawat
Dr Pradeep Bhardwaj
Prof Ashish Srivastava