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Event Topic MIRAJ World Competition
Category Club
Date & Day 17th June, 2021

Institute of Management Studies, Ghaziabad

(University Courses Campus)



Event Name: MIRAJ World Competition

Date & Day: 17th June 2021

Guest: NA

Designation/Organization: IMS Ghaziabad , University Courses Campus

Topic: MIRAJ World Competition

Event Timing: 2.30 PM onwards

Number of Students: 15+ Team

Venue: Online Zoom Platform



Summary of the Event:

“Art is as natural as sunshine and as vital as Nourishment”


'Splash'-  The Art and Craft Club at IMS  Ghaziabad University Courses  Campus  Organized the MIRAJ   world Competition for   the   students   with   artistic,   creative   and   innovative mindset. The competition was organized for all the courses of IMSUC Ghaziabad.


We are glad to have the overwhelming responses of 15+ teams. Student participated with a lot of enthusiasm   as   they   put   together   their   artistic, imaginative   and   creative   skills   to   make creative illusion art. The idea behind organizing this small art and craft activity was to bring out the enormous talent among students and the criteria for assessment were presentation, creativity, theme, Message and description. My sincere appreciation to all participants who put forward their best and grabbed this opportunity. The students shown great enthusiasm and creative abilities, the event was concluded by the judges given the judgement.”  Warmest congratulations to all the participants for participating in this wonderful MIRAJ WORLD competition”. The event will have managed with all the club members under the guidance of Prof.Nidhi Srivastava and it was a wonderful event.


Faculty Coordinator : Prof. Nidhi Srivastava


Congratulations to our position holders:


  • First position is bagged by Kamal tyagi and Jasleen kaur
  • Second position is bagged by Priyanshi Sharma
  • Third position is shared by Khushi Jain


      Also Consolation prize goes to: Vaishnavi and Saloni Singh

The ART AND CRAFT  TEAM would  like to  thank  every  participant for showing  interest in the competition.  We congratulate the winners and participants and wish them all the success for their future endeavors.

Learning Outcome:

It was a great learning experience for students on how to develop creative skill. It also boosts the confidence and morale of the students that helps them in their further Scope


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