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Event Topic Guest Lecture BJMC
Category Guest Lecture
Date & Day 28th February, 2022

Report on Guest Lecture


Event Name:Guest Lecture

Date & Day: 28/02/2022, Monday

Guest Name: Mr. Gopal Shukla (Senior      

Journalist AAJTAK)

 Organization by: IMS Ghaziabad UC

courses campus

Topic: CrimeReporting- Challenges and


Timing: 10:00 AM

Number of Students: 45

Venue: Zoom Platform

Budget Approved: nil

Total Expenditure: nil


The School of Journalism and Mass Communication at IMS Ghaziabad University Courses Campus organized a guest lecture on the topic, ‘Crime Reporting- Challenges and Precaution’. The event was held in the presence of the faculty members in the online mode. The guest lecturer of the day was eminent senior journalist, Mr. Gopal Shukla.

Mr. Gopal Shukla is one of the doyens of contemporary crime reporting. Having worked in some of the most revered news houses both in the regional and the national levels, he is widely admired for both his analytical skills and his keen understanding of the field. The Event was a part of one of the various unique and educational events under the practical training-based teaching pioneered by IMS Ghaziabad. The purpose of the event was to instil and teach the importance of crime reporting and its various techniques to the students.

The event was inaugurated with the words of Department Head, Prof. Dr. Anil Kumar Nigam, followed by the guest lecture. Mr. Gopal talked at length laying bare the exciting and often scaring, even murky world of crime reporting interspersing his narrative with actual case histories and incidents from his long and illustrious career that had ensured him being there, seeing it all. However, what was particularly interesting to the audience, was how he diminished sensationalism and upheld the need of balanced and sensitive crime reporting. The students interacted with the lecturer, asking curious questions about the field which Mr. Gopal answered zealously. The event was concluded with a vote of thanks from Prof. Khursheed Alam.


Learning Outcome: - The students understood the skills needed and difficulties one has to face in the field of crime reporting. They also inherited the importance of upholding the dignity of the profession and practicing ethics.