Institute of Management Studies, Ghaziabad

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Event Name: FIGMA Workshop

Date & Day: March 31, 2022

Trainer Name: Lalit Vats

Organization: IT CLUB (IMSUC)

Topic: Online Tool for Designing Mockups

Schedule Timing: 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Number of Participants: 40

Venue: Computer Lab-03


Summary of the Event: The event started around 2:00 PM, Prof. Gaurav Kaushik, faculty coordinator of IT Club, IMSUC, welcomed everyone and manifested his sign of happiness by beholding such an enthusiastic audience. He shared what this session all about and introduced the recourse person, Mr. Lalit Vats (2nd year, BCA). Mr. Lalit started his deliberation by formally welcoming everyone and further shared his knowledge over FIGMA and what UI&UX Designing is all about. Figma is a vector graphics editor and prototype tool that is mostly web-based, with desktop apps for macOS and Windows enabling additional offline features. Figma prototypes may be viewed and interacted with in real time using the Figma mobile app for Android and iOS. The resource person asked everyone to log into their systems and helped students by explaining different tools of FIGMA, such as:

  • Frame tool,
  • Selection tool,
  • Inspect tool,
  • Layers & Assets, and much more

Following that, he clarified everything by performing a live demonstration for the pupils in the room, ensuring that they fully comprehended everything. The class came to a close with each student eagerly learning and creating their own FIGMA content. The workshop was a resounding success.

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