Event Name: “Poster Making Competition”

Date & Day: 25 April 2022, Monday

Guest/Trainer Name: NA

Designation/Organization: NA

Topic: “Invest in our Planet”

Schedule Timing: NA

Number of Students: 31

Venue: Google Forms

Budget Approved: NA

Total Expenditure: NA


Summary of the Event:

School of Biosciences, in association with IMS Greens Cell, organized a poster making competition on 25 April 2022 on the occasion of Earth Day, wherein the students across all the courses were invited to submit poster on the topic "Invest in our Planet". This year’s theme focuses on acting boldly, innovating broadly, and implementing in an egalitarian manner are the essential points here. Every government, corporation, and individual on the planet has a voice. There will never be a single individual who can accomplish everything. However, now is the moment to act. We can make a difference if we work together. We must work together as a unit. The key to long-term prosperity is sustainability. Companies who are smart and innovative are understanding that becoming green will benefit us all. All corporate leaders must now actively have involved in defining the future for long-term sustainability.

The competition received entries from the students of different programs. Kanishka Jasaul, B.Sc. (H) BT II year, Shruti Nigam, M.Sc. BT I year, and Sneha Mittal, B.Sc (H) MB I year hold I, II, and III winning positions respectively. Consolation prizes were received by Vanshika Mathur, B.Sc. (H) BT II year, and Ashish Raj, BBA (Section- E) I year.

Learning Outcome: The idea behind organizing this exciting event was to sharpen student’s creative thinking, reading, and visualizing skills and also facilitate extensive research of the topic, but also help to visualize their thoughts better. The event created the awareness among the students to find out the challenges for well being of earth and all life forms.

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