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Event Topic Guest Lecture on Basics of TV Anchoring
Category Guest Lecture
Date & Day 3rd December, 2022

Report on Guest Lecture

Detailed Report:

The School of Journalism and Mass Communication at IMS Ghaziabad University Courses Campus always keeps its students on their toes and comes up with great opportunities to learn from professionals from the industry.

To discuss the “Guest Lecture on Basics of TV Anchoring” the School of Journalism and Mass Communication organized a Guest Lecture with Mr. Saud Mohammad Khalid, Anchor News 24.

A lecture was conducted on 29 October 2021. The objective of the session was to train the students to face the camera effectively and read news off a teleprompter. Our guest helped the students to develop key skills needed in order to be a successful as a news anchor. Students assimilated the techniques and learnt the importance of perfect blend of pitch, velocity, accent, dialect, and tone. Prof. Sandhya Sharma, Assistant Professor, BJMC guided the students and answered students’ queries effectively.Sir also shared how students can sculpt their skills to become a news anchor.

In the later part of the session, students were given the great opportunity to interact and ask questions from Mr. Saud Khalid. The session was attended by all year students of the department.

Learning Experience: The session was very well organized and turned out to be a great learning experience for all the students as they got to know about the basics of anchoring and the hard work and continuity of efforts required for the same.